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CFO Perspective global threats

CFO Perspective: How Corporate Finance Can Enhance Operational Execution to Meet Rising Global Threats

February 22, 2018
Michael Dinkins

Global finance leaders are collecting data to support their plans to grow in spite of known and growing challenges that lie ahead. It’s time for finance executives to fully empower the execution of these plans because the future of their companies truly depends on it.

risk management global

Global CFOs and Treasurers Face 5 Massive Business Risks in 2018

February 15, 2018
Greg Person

While this is a prosperous period for the world economy, the recent volatility in the stock markets globally is an indicator of changing times.

corporate CFO presenting to the board of directors

How CFOs Can Deliver More Value to the Board

February 13, 2018
Daniel Shaffer

The overwhelming majority of senior finance executives (94%) believe that boards of directors regard their CFOs as critical strategic business partners, according to a survey conducted last year by

Dangers of a bad cash forecast for CFOs

Five Dangers That Bad Cash Forecasts Pose for CFOs

February 8, 2018
Erik Bratt

Proper cash management and forecasting is vital to any organizations for a number of key reasons, including effective liquidity and risk management.

Free cash flow problems

Free Cash Flow, Eliminating the Culture of Cash Hoarding

February 1, 2018
Greg Person

CFOs today are under more pressure than ever before from their board of directors and CEO to unlock trapped cash. Unfortunately, regional operations hold unnecessary cash buffers to protect their balance sheet.

CISO and treasury team discussing a data breach

5 Ways Treasurers Can Align with the CISO to Reduce Fraud Risk

January 30, 2018
Daniel Shaffer

In a recent article in Treasury & Risk magazine, Kyriba’s VP of Strategy Bob Stark opined on the significant and wide-ranging risks that tre