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Kyriba Launches New State of the Art Command Centers

Kyriba Command Center

Data protection is a significant priority for any organization and preventing loss of financial assets is a challenging and expensive endeavor for today’s global CFOs and CIOs.

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Daniel Shaffer
August 16, 2017

Kyriba Cited as a Leading Disrupter of SCF Space in New Report

shipping yard with airplane - supply chain finance

Kyriba is one of three vendors featured in a just-published report on supply chain finance (SCF), with two differentiating strengths— customizable supplier onboarding, and integration of SCF with a full suite of treasury functionality— called out in particular.

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Erik Bratt
July 31, 2017

Why Cloud is Critical for Treasury’s Business Continuity Planning

business continuity planning - stacking blocks

Kyriba recently held a webinar attended by more than 500 treasury professionals that focused on the critical importance of bus

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Bob Stark
July 19, 2017

The Advantages of Treasury Management in the Cloud

New York City clouds

Global organizations are moving to the cloud for their treasury management, and Kyriba has helped companies like Rockefeller Group, a New York City-based real estate developer, owner and investor, transition to the cloud  so they can take advantage of modern technologies.   &

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Erik Bratt
July 13, 2017

Brexit Brings FX Challenges for Treasurers

British flag and lock - Brexit

The current climate for corporate treasury is one of considerable uncertainty. While this uncertainty is manifesting itself in different ways, the outcome of last year’s Brexit referendum has particularly underscored the need for treasurers to be prepared for every eventuality.

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John Campbell
June 19, 2017

Challenges of Centralizing FX Operations for Global Corporates

Centralized Treasury Dashboard

The ability to enter into new markets geographically can help drive top line revenue growth, or offer cost-cutting advantages in production and output. Companies expand internationally in one of two ways: organically or through M&A activity. International growth carries with it a n

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Tom Gavaghan
June 13, 2017

5 Essential Supply Chain Finance Questions for Treasurers

Treasurers work and shipping dock
The following is a guest blog from David Gustin, the editor and co-founder of Trade Financing Matters, providing insights on trade credit and business finance issues. David joined Kyriba recently for a webinar entitled, “Why Treasury and Procurement Should Collaborate for a Successful Supply Chain Finance Program.”

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David Gustin
June 12, 2017

New AFP Survey Confirms Treasurers’ Strategic Growth

Man looking into the abyss

September 15, 2008. This is the day treasury transformed from being important to strategic. What was later called the credit crisis was fueled by a massive constriction of liquidity like we had never seen.

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Bob Stark
May 31, 2017